Adam McCall, TennEra

Adam McCallAs President and Chief Executive Officer of TennEra, Adam McCall directs a biotechnology company which is commercializing its advanced chemistry to convert renewable energy crops into purified, tailored fractions of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and other extractives in order to create carbon fibers, biopolymers, and pulp for sustainable packaging. McCall has spent the last 15 years developing businesses in a wide variety of industries, concentrating on blending effective product development with brand creation. He has held numerous executive positions including Vice President, Managing Director, and CEO. He launched his career as a design engineer and eventually VP of Product Development for a transportation technology start-up where he assisted the company in winning an R&D 100 Award, raising more than $500M in capital, and creating 1300 jobs over a 6 year period from 2001-2007. As a former professional wakeboarder McCall partnered with his boat sponsor, Malibu Boats, in late 2007 to create a new boat brand which he founded and named Axis Wake Research, launching its first product in January 2009. As Managing Director of Axis and later VP of both brands, the company grew from 22% to 34% market share and executed a successful IPO (MBUU) in early 2014. McCall is co-founder of the lifestyle brand ‘Be Hippy’ based in Denver and is senior technology advisor to the tech start-up Bleu Tech Enterprises based out of Los Angeles. McCall holds a B.A. from Maryville College, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, and an MBA from Tennessee Technological University.