Craig Blue, PhD, Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation

Dr. Craig Blue is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), a partnership of industry, universities, national laboratories, and federal, state, and local governments working together to benefit the Nation’s energy and economic security by sharing existing resources and co-investing to accelerate development and commercial deployment of advanced composites.

Craig Blue, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, IACMI

Dr. Blue, a recognized leader and champion of applied research and development at ORNL, holds faculty appointments at the University of Tennessee, University of North Texas, and the Colorado School of Mines. His vision and comprehensive understanding of advanced manufacturing technologies led to creation of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) at ORNL, as part of a $42 million portfolio of research sponsored by DOE. Current research activities of the Advanced Manufacturing Program comprise additive manufacturing, carbon fiber and composites, advanced manufacturing, low temperature materials synthesis, lightweight metals processing, roll-to-roll processing, magnetic field processing, energy storage, critical materials, and technology deployment. As Distinguished Research Scientist and Group Leader he was responsible for revitalizing and building of ORNL’s materials processing activities to national prominence.

While Deputy Director for the Materials Science and Technology Division, a $100M materials research division, he was responsible for driving the development of new applied programs. During nearly 20 years of experience in conducting research in materials and manufacturing technologies, Dr. Blue has authored nearly 100 open literature publications, been awarded 15 Patents, and 10 R&D 100 Awards. He has served by invitation on numerous scientific and technical review panels, committees, and convocations convened by the National Science Foundation and National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. Dr. Blue has been honored by selection as ORNL Distinguished Engineer in 2003 and as Fellow of ASM International in 2009.