Harvey Abouelata, ARiES Energy

An alternative energy solutions company launched in 2011 by Harvey Abouelata, ARiES Energy takes customers through a process of evaluating, reducing and producing while leveraging savings that provide the greatest economic impact.aries-logo

A 2013 Startup Day alum, Abouelata merged ARiES Energy in 2015 with PHG Energy (PHGE) and Thompson Machinery.  The alliance provides customers with the strength and reach of Thompson Machinery, the high level of engineering capabilities of PHGE, and the innovation of ARIES’ energy technology.  These resources enhance ARiES’ ability to provide collective customers with customized cost effective solutions by deploying the very latest in reduction and energy technology.

Since its launch, ARiES has installed the first proton power gasification system at Wampler’s Farm Sausage; signed a contract for Sevier Solid Waste’s waste to energy gasification system; and installed multiple commercial, residential and off-grid solar systems, including a 1.73 MW community solar project agreement underway for Appalachian Electric Coop. Doubling in sales every year, expanding from four to nine full-time employees, ARiES’ recent merger increases the company’s buying power and bonding capabilities, further enhancing the success of an evaluation process that includes monitoring customer habits and feasibility studies.

Aboueleta continues to guide ARiES in bringing the customer’s attention to areas where costs can be decreased through installing LED lighting, insulation, power conditioning, water sequestration and finally to producing energy through Solar PV and/or gasification. Overall, ARiES remains true to its mission of environmental stewardship, economic development and energy independence.