Uta Preston, Little Fishkopp

When Uta Preston founded her German-inspired kids clothing brand Little Fishkopp, she had a simple vision of bringing safer, sounder and more stylish sleep to babies across the globe by producing eco-friendly clothing that lasts.

In just a few years, Preston’s vision has spun into a business that sells worldwide, proving that while she may have “little fish” in her company name, business is booming on a big fish scale.

A 2013 Startup Day alum, Preston sells locally at two prominent vendors in Knoxville – Bliss and Twig – and she’s bringing more vendors onboard in 2016. Boasting a robust online business, Little Fishkopp is found in nurseries worldwide. She’s also expanded beyond lightweight and standard sleep bags to include infant bodysuits and toddler T-shirts.

Local support of her products have also extended to one of the largest medical centers – The University of Tennessee – where birthing classes endorse and demonstrate Littlefish sleep bags as a safe sleep product.

With 10 sleep bag styles to choose from, all featuring bright Nordic designs crafted from 100 percent certified organic cotton, Preston continues to expand her product offerings, creating comfortable and cozy designs that give parents peace of mind and kids something they love to wear.